John Ranney, Organist 1965-1985
Lindy Collins, Director of Music 1963-1965
Frank Pooler, Director of Music 1965-1972

In 1960, Frank Allen turned over the Youth Choir to Mary Breuer. This was a group of 30+ singers who sang in 4 part harmony and was responsible for the 8:30 service weekly.

John Ranney was a recent graduate of CSULB and an outstanding pianist. He graced our services for 20 years before moving to northern California.

Lindy Collins was then the choral teacher at Long Beach Poly High School. He led our adult choir program for 2 years.

Mr. Collins was followed by Frank Pooler, the outstanding director of Choral Studies at CSULB. Frank brought some of his college singers in to augment our forces. Much of our fine music library can be attributed to his purchases during his tenure here. It was during this time that the CSULB Winterfest was held in our sanctuary.

The first evening concerts planned by our church took place in the 1960s. One such program in 1963 featured duo pianists, Betty Allen and Virginia Mountney (a CSULB professor), and Frank Allen, tenor and Mary Breuer, soprano.

The 1970s

The 1950s