Door of Faith Orphanage Lunch and Tour

The Missions Group is planning a trip to the DOF in Mexico. The DOF is approximately 50 miles south of the border. This will be a one day trip. We will cook a hot dog BBQ lunch for the children and enjoy a tour of the facility. All participants will require a valid passport. We will need some volunteer drivers (Mexican car insurance required). Signups will start in mid-September. Detailed information will be available when we start sign ups. Any questions, please contact the Thimlars.

CROP Hunger Walk

Sunday, October 22 at 2:30 p.m. at St. Joseph Catholic Church

The 42nd Annual LB Area "CROP" Hunger Walk is a 5K/3.1-mile route will stroll past the CSULB pyramid and up through the "tunnel." It's a great day to eradicate world hunger. The CROP Hunger Walk is sponsored by the South Coast Interfaith Council and the monies go to Church World Service, with 25% returned to hunger-fighting agencies. Sign-up after church services on the sanctuary porch. Or better yet, go to to register, set a goal, and request donors. Note: Donation checks should be written to CROP/CWS. 

New Bible Class—How the Bible Came to Be (And How That Impacts Our Interpretation of the Bible)

Tuesdays beginning September 12 from 9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m. in the Lounge

Discover how the Bible became holy! This class will be co-taught by Reverend Dr. Jerry Larsen and Reverend Mark Sturgess and will explore the formation of biblical texts beginning with the Torah, moving to the canon, and then to translations of the text. Class continues for 6-8 weeks.

ESL Breakfast Club

Wednesdays, September 13-November 15 from 9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

The ESL Breakfast Club needs you! Thanks to our Los Altos UMC family, this program of one-on-one tutoring provided to parents learning English is entering its fifth year. We have relocated to the First Congregational Church at 3rd and Cedar in downtown Long Beach. No teaching experience or fluency in another language is needed. Entering tutors receive orientation, a handbook, resources, and ongoing guidance. Contact Jane Wilson Barboza via email at or by cell at (562) 485-8344.

Building Committee Vote Update

On Saturday, July 15, the Church Conference approved Building Option C as presented by the Building Committee. Option C includes a Lift, refurbishment of the Fellowship Hall Kitchen (adding a secure storage closet/performing space), converting the old Brides’ Room into a family bathroom, repurposing the Library to become a Nursery with a family bathroom, and adding a new wing to the Lounge. The Lounge assembly space will be enlarged and the new wing will include of a full feature kitchen, male and female bathrooms, conference room/library and two storage rooms. The Church Conference also approved obtaining a loan from the District to be paid back with a capital fundraiser to pay it down, with the balance paid by a long term mortgage. An outline of the Lounge addition has been painted for viewing in the space behind the Lounge to provide a conceptualization for the new layout. The Building Committee is looking forward to entering the next phase of this project. They are actively revising the current loan approval with the District as well as instructing the Construction Manager (CBRE) to proceed with contractor selection.  The committee is appreciative for your ongoing support.

Habitat for Humanity

Friday, August 4

Los Altos UMC is raising support to help build four Habitat for Humanity homes for the Chavez, Hayes, Nall, and Ortiz families at 1950 Henderson Ave. in Long Beach. These are the first four of over 50 homes that Habitat LA will build in Long Beach's Washington Neighborhood over the next few years.  The need for affordable housing is greater than ever and your support will help ensure these four families will have a decent place to call home once they are completed next year. Congregations all over Long Beach are rallying together around the project as part of Habitat for Humanity's nationwide Unity Build initiative on September 8 & 9. You may submit your donation directly online through the following link. Contact Allison Brammer for volunteer opportunities.  For more information, email or visit the website at: