Building Committee Update—August 14, 2018

Last week the LAUMC building project saw continued work on the sewer line in the breezeway in front of the former men’s restroom. The new Breezeway along the East side of the Lounge addition has a new cover, and we have finally received approved plans for the roof drains on the Lounge roof. Construction on the Lounge may now move forward. New cabinetry in the Fellowship Hall service kitchen has been installed, and other work is now in progress in that area.  The good news is the new lift is being installed THIS week!  Please keep in mind that we must pass safety inspections and the area around the sump pumps must be safely enclosed before the Lift can become operational. Please be patient and wait for an announcement on when the new Lift can be used to get downstairs.  The work on the Fire Sprinkler lines is due to start on short notice so be prepared for the West/Preschool parking lot to be impacted with trenches during this installation. The construction company has been reminded to leave a clean and safe area at the end of each work day. Please continue to use caution as you encounter construction work while on campus. The Building Committee is continuing to meet each week to ensure that work on this project is moving forward toward completion.