LAUMC 2019 Stewardship Campaign

LAUMC's annual Stewardship Drive for 2019 will begin on Sunday, October 28 and conclude on November 18, Consecration Sunday. In support of the Drive, the Stewardship Committee has solicited church members to speak to our congregation on each Sunday leading up to the 18th. These members will tell of their faith journey and the impact LAUMC has had on their lives.

The theme this year is "From Memory to Hope." Hope celebrates our fond memories and blessings as we remember with gratitude the work of God's love in our lives. In 2019 we will celebrate our remodeled church facilities and remember the extraordinary faithfulness of all who have made this possible. We will also celebrate the love we see made present in the voices of children and adults from the youngest to the oldest, all working together in mission to make the world a better place.

In gratitude we invite you to confirm your pledge on November 18 to help LAUMC celebrate a year of hope.