Building Committee Update (October 30, 2018)

Fellowship Hall Service Kitchen is still considered a construction zone and is scheduled for completion in mid-November. Exciting news is the 18-foot roll up door is being installed Oct 30th!  This week, the work on the Lounge addition will include the new ceiling being installed, and the walls will be primed and painted.  The HVAC work should be nearing completion. The gas line is scheduled to be reconnected this week. State inspection of the Lift is scheduled for Nov. 15. Trenching in the West/Preschool parking lot has been POSTPONED, again, to start after Nov. 5 due to on-site preconstruction city inspections. We still expect this construction to last 3 weeks once it begins.  Please use caution around steel plates and open trenches.  Parking in the West Parking lot is now okay through Nov. 5.  Please plan to use the East parking lot during Preschool hours after this construction begins approximately Nov. 6.  We request that the west parking lot be reserved for Preschool parents during Preschool hours during this work.  The Building Committee is meeting weekly to keep the project moving toward completion.