Building Committee Update - March 5, 2019

Building Committee is continuing to work to resolve some issues in the Lounge kitchen. The Building Committee has given HK General Construction Company a list of minor corrections in preparation for taking possession of the Lounge Building. The new fire sprinkler water supply line construction is in progress, but, due to rain delays, scheduled completion is pushed to next week. Please use caution in construction areas! Please avoid parking in the West/Preschool parking lot until this work is complete (approximately March 15). We ask that the parking nearest the freeway fence be kept open for Preschool parents during Preschool hours. Please note that safety regulations require that Los Altos UMC not use the new buildings until all inspections, including sprinkler system, are complete. Move in teams are receiving furniture, and other items, so we can make full use of the rooms as soon as possible. Final inspections should be completed in March.