Building Committee Update - March 5, 2019

Building Committee is continuing to work to resolve some issues in the Lounge kitchen. The Building Committee has given HK General Construction Company a list of minor corrections in preparation for taking possession of the Lounge Building. The new fire sprinkler water supply line construction is in progress, but, due to rain delays, scheduled completion is pushed to next week. Please use caution in construction areas! Please avoid parking in the West/Preschool parking lot until this work is complete (approximately March 15). We ask that the parking nearest the freeway fence be kept open for Preschool parents during Preschool hours. Please note that safety regulations require that Los Altos UMC not use the new buildings until all inspections, including sprinkler system, are complete. Move in teams are receiving furniture, and other items, so we can make full use of the rooms as soon as possible. Final inspections should be completed in March.

Rebecca Swartz--Global Missions Fellow

Rebecca Swartz--Global Missions Fellow, International Track,

Advance #3022466, website: (find under Ministries Profiles)

Please help support Rebecca Swartz on her mission to Greece! We are thankful for Becca for her role as a Groundlings Intern and Camp Director, small group leader with youth, worship band artist, justice activist and so much more. All missionaries are only supported through donations. By donating through "The Advance," gifts are able to be designated to specific ministries. To donate to Becca's Advance, go to click "search for projects" and enter her name or Advance number 3022466. You will find her profile and a link to donate to her Advance.

LAUMC 2019 Stewardship Campaign Update - Nov. 2018

It is with great Thanksgiving that we are happy to report that 84 families completed the Estimate of Giving document at the dedication last Sunday. Of those 84 families, 9 pledged for the first time. We want to day a special thank you for those 84 families and especially the 9 new pledgers. 

We are a little over half way to matching the projected total of $550,000. If you did not submit your Estimate of Giving document we ask you to please do so this week. You can either put it in the offering this coming Sunday or mail it to the church. it is important that we receive all Estimate of Giving documents soon so the Finance Committee can begin work on the 2019 budget.

Ongoing LAUMC Weekly Meetings and Food Supplies needed (Nov 2018)

  • Adult Bible Discussion Group, Sundays, 9:30 AM

  • Gentle Yoga, Mondays, 5:00 PM

  • Carillon Handbells, Mondays, 7:00 PM in the Sanctuary

  • Chair Yoga, Tuesdays, 12:00 PM

  • Children's Little Light Yoga, Wednesdays, 4:45 in Nursery

  • Children's Choir, Sundays, 10:30 a.m. in Room 22

  • Gentle Yoga-Wednesdays, 5:00 PM

  • Chair Yoga 2nd Class, Thursdays, 1:15 PM

  • Sanctuary Choir-Thursdays, 7:00 p.m in the Sanctuary

  • Ongoing-Donations of meal supplies to COA, donation bin in narthex

  • Ongoing-Canned goods donations to the Broken Loaf, donation bin in narthex 

  • (For more info about events, contact the church office or visit our website.)

Building Committee Update (October 30, 2018)

Fellowship Hall Service Kitchen is still considered a construction zone and is scheduled for completion in mid-November. Exciting news is the 18-foot roll up door is being installed Oct 30th!  This week, the work on the Lounge addition will include the new ceiling being installed, and the walls will be primed and painted.  The HVAC work should be nearing completion. The gas line is scheduled to be reconnected this week. State inspection of the Lift is scheduled for Nov. 15. Trenching in the West/Preschool parking lot has been POSTPONED, again, to start after Nov. 5 due to on-site preconstruction city inspections. We still expect this construction to last 3 weeks once it begins.  Please use caution around steel plates and open trenches.  Parking in the West Parking lot is now okay through Nov. 5.  Please plan to use the East parking lot during Preschool hours after this construction begins approximately Nov. 6.  We request that the west parking lot be reserved for Preschool parents during Preschool hours during this work.  The Building Committee is meeting weekly to keep the project moving toward completion.

Justice Action Opportunities (Sept 2, 2018)

1. September 4, 6 pm, Irvine: Training for Friends of Orange County Detainees monthly training and follow-up for people interested in visiting immigrants detained in jails and prisons. There are three steps: 1) training; 2) visiting a person in detention; and 3) recording your visit. Please RSVP at If the session is full, your name will be placed on a list of people interested in having the training.

2. Saturday, October 13, 6:00-9:00 pm: The Sixth Annual Fundraiser for the Long Beach Immigrant Rights Coalition, at the Alpert Jewish Community Center, 3801 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90815. One of the honorees will be St Luke’s Episcopal Church, sponsor of our monthly homeless meal. For tickets and sponsorship, please visit Let’s have a Los Altos table!!

3. October 29, 10:30 am, Plaza at Olvera Street, Los Angeles. Training for congregations interested in supporting asylum seekers in detention centers.


1. Long Beach Harbor Commissioners, the Tidelands Commission, and Mayor Robert Garcia (Long Beach) requesting that they make similar arrangements as those made in the L.A. Port (i.e., negotiate one-month leases to continue to exert pressure to protect warehouse workers and port truck drivers from being incorrectly classified as independent contractors).

2. Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell (who is supporting overturning the protections gained in the Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court that stipulates who is and is not an independent contractor).Some employers have called for overturning of this decision.

Letters in the above two matters need to be positive saluting success in making the Port of Long Beach a world leader in green ports and urging that we apply same care to the workers who earn their livelihoods there.

3. Immigration—Long Beach Sacred Resistance is compiling a list of immigration attorneys who can be summoned to prevent immediate deportation and provide advice to immigrants and asylum seekers. Names and contact info of immigration attorneys willing to work pro bono should be sent to:

4. Immigration— City of Long Beach has a line item in the proposed 2019 budget that allocates $250,000 to the Deportation Defense Fund (proposed by Mayor Garcia). Budget meetings for public input take place all next week until City Council hears presentations on the budget September 4 and adopts on September 11. Input needed to maintain the $250,000 fund as proposed.

5. Homelessness—LA County Hotline for outreach services— contact This alerts LA County Homeless Services to specific concerns regarding a person’s welfare. Note: The Long Beach Homeless Multi-Service Center is located at 1301 W. 12th Street, can be reached at (562) 570-4500.


Meeting of the Reconciling Task Force on Sept. 9, 12:30 pm-2:00 pm

If you are interested in being a part of this group, please be at this meeting in Fellowship Hall. Questions: Contact Jane Barboza at or Sadie Sacks at

Volunteers Needed for Weekly Church Pew/Chair Pocket Maintenance

We are currently seeking volunteers to maintain the Sanctuary pew racks and Fellowship Hall chair pockets, keeping them tidy and stocked with donation envelopes and pens.  Please contact the church office if you are able to fulfill this very important task. As this position’s hours are flexible, this is an ideal opportunity for families or individuals who would like to serve the church.

Building Committee Update—August 14, 2018

Last week the LAUMC building project saw continued work on the sewer line in the breezeway in front of the former men’s restroom. The new Breezeway along the East side of the Lounge addition has a new cover, and we have finally received approved plans for the roof drains on the Lounge roof. Construction on the Lounge may now move forward. New cabinetry in the Fellowship Hall service kitchen has been installed, and other work is now in progress in that area.  The good news is the new lift is being installed THIS week!  Please keep in mind that we must pass safety inspections and the area around the sump pumps must be safely enclosed before the Lift can become operational. Please be patient and wait for an announcement on when the new Lift can be used to get downstairs.  The work on the Fire Sprinkler lines is due to start on short notice so be prepared for the West/Preschool parking lot to be impacted with trenches during this installation. The construction company has been reminded to leave a clean and safe area at the end of each work day. Please continue to use caution as you encounter construction work while on campus. The Building Committee is continuing to meet each week to ensure that work on this project is moving forward toward completion.