August 21, 2016

Pastor Letter


More than 50 years ago it was decided to form a Sunday morning Bible class for adult men and women. Two classes were formed; one for the “more senior” group and they met in the Chapel. The younger adults met in the classroom located over the church office. We had a great opportunity to not only study the Bible together, but also to share with each other our own thoughts about each topic.

The leaders would vary as we changed subjects. As time passed, Wes Neal was one who left an impression with the group and for many years it was listed under his name, the Wes Neal Sunday School class. Over the years we used study books put out by the conference, but with such good leadership and everyone sharing we often strayed from the subject.

In time as the older group dwindled our younger group joined them in the Chapel and today we still gather there each Sunday for our lesson. What a wonderful group of people we currently have; all ages, men and women.

The leadership still is shared and has always been outstanding. We meet at 9:30 am and for an hour we study and discuss the subject decided upon. We have gone through studying of many books of the Bible. Led by Karen and Bruce Thompson, one of the favorites was the Book of John.

Our current mission is to discuss what the word Forgiveness means to us as individuals and as a church. The study leader comes from within our group and this time Mike Eames has taken it on. We have a purpose in what we do and say in order to learn more about our faith and beliefs.

We welcome all people to our group – as Pastor Mark entreats: Open Hearts, Open Doors, Open Minds. Come join us, we will welcome you with open minds and open arms.