June 19, 2016

Pastor Letter

Groundlings Summer Day Camp is a 4-week camp hosted by Los Altos UMC. It's lead by college, high school, and middle school students and is a great opportunity for them to improve their leadership skills, while serving children in this community. The children have a wonderful time learning Bible stories, making crafts, singing songs, playing games, and making new friends! Camp starts in one month, and there are a few frequently-used items that we could use more of. If you could donate an item or two, it would be most appreciated! Donations can be dropped off at the church office.

 Jump ropes
 Hula hoops
 Kickballs
 Bubbles
 Sidewalk chalk
 Nerf footballs
 Soccer balls
 Basketballs
 Wiffleball bat
 Wiffleballs
 Frisbees
 Splash balls
 Crayons
 Colored pencils
 Painter’s tape
 Erasers
 Glue sticks
 Small scissors
 Dry erase markers

Beginning July 10th, we will begin accepting snack donations as well. Some of our campers’ most-loved snacks are:

 Goldfish crackers
 Granola bars
 Nutri-grain bars
 Carrot sticks
 Grapes
 String cheese
 Apples
 Graham crackers
 Chex mix

Thank you so much for supporting our third year of Groundlings Summer Day Camp!

Liz Lindley
Family Ministries Associate