May 29, 2016

Blessings Church,

My name is Florence Barker-Ferguson and I am responsible for the Caring Ministries here at Los Altos. Five areas of ministry opportunities fall under my care: Caring Cards, Caring Visits, Prayer Quilts, Prayer Shawls, and Prayer Team.

Each of these groups is made up of lovely volunteers who dedicate their gifts of spirituality, empathy, creativity, dexterity, companionship, and time towards these ministries.

Caring Cards volunteers are able to be in service to the church by providing spiritual encouragement and affirmation to homebound members of the congregation. Each card recipient is referred to our team by members of the congregation and put on a list to receive these cards. Volunteers can then come by the office and pick up cards, stamps, and a list of names to send cards to and can complete these at their leisure throughout the week. Some of our volunteers have been sending cards for over 30 years! If you would like to be a part of this ministry or know of someone that could be blessed by regularly receiving a card please contact me at the office.

Our Caring Visits ministry is composed of congregation member volunteers who assist in visiting other members who are isolated, have recently been sick, are recovering in their home, a nursing home, or the hospital. These visits provide community and connection to the congregation for the homebound and recovering members of our church family.

Diane Reskc coordinates the Prayer Quilt ministry in her home each month. The quilt ministry designs and sews a quilt when there is a need and once completed, the quilt is brought to Sunday Worship to be blessed by the congregation. The pastors and congregation members can then tie prayer knots on the quilt and pray over the quilt in the narthex after it has been blessed during the worship. The blessed quilt is then taken to the recipient.

The Prayer Shawl group meets monthly in member’s homes in a rotating fashion. Each member knits or crochets a shawl 2ft by 5ft and all levels of experience are welcome to join: novice through master. Shawls that are completed are brought to the church office and blessed during Sunday worship services and taken to those in need of comfort.

The prayer requests generated from your yellow cards collected during Sunday worship are given to the Prayer Team leader, Nancy Mullio. The prayer requests are compiled into a list and distributed to the prayer team members who dutifully lift up these people in daily prayer. These prayer requests are not only for members of our own congregation but of the greater family of God and include friends, family, and neighbors.

These ministries would not be possible without the care and communication of our church family. The money and supplies donated to these ministries is vital to our mission and enables us to carry out these ministries. Caring for all of God’s people requires strong connections and communication so if you or someone you know in our congregation would be blessed by any of these ministries, please contact me and I will be sure to include them in our care.


Florence Barker-Ferguson