May 1, 2016

Pastor Letter

Easter Greetings!

Thank you, church. As you have supported me in the past two weeks of recovery from sinus surgery, I have been blessed by your support. The meals brought to my family; the cards; the emails; the prayers have been so helpful and so needed. Thank you, church. Your care has lifted me up again and again. Your care and your love has reminded me to take care of myself. You have reminded me of God’s grace and that in taking care of myself, I open a door for God’s people to share their gifts of care and nurture with me and my family. Thank you, church.

You see, in our Methodist tradition we follow the understanding that pastors serve the church with our hearts and our lives. At ordination, we take a vow to forever serve God’s church. And in return, the church (you) covenant to care for us; to care for us in all ways.

I see this throughout our ministry together. You help my children learn to know God and church when I am leading you in worship on Sundays and Wednesdays. You pray for me. You house me. You provide my health insurance. You remind me to slow down, to breathe. You encourage me to get this surgery DONE. :)

In following Jesus, in being ordained in the United Methodist Church, I covenant to serve God with my gifts being dedicated to serving you, God’s church. This can be a daunting thing, this pastoral ministry gig into which God has led me. And yet, in the past two weeks, I have been reminded that I am not alone. My family and I are not alone. God is with us. Jesus is accompanying us. And the holy design of the church is alive and well … taking care of one of its pastors in need.

Thank you, church. Thank you.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda