November 6, 2016

Los Altos Ministry News

Los Altos United Methodist Church Foundation

The Los Altos United Methodist Church Foundation was incorporated in 1987 to support the Los Altos Church by securing gifts and managing endowment funds. The goal of the Foundation is to strengthen the church by providing funds that sustain church programs today and for future generations. Since its incorporation the Foundation endowment has grown to more than $439,000.

An eleven member Board of Directors governs the Foundation. The congregation elects nine members at the Annual Charge Conference. The tenth member is a representative from the Board of Trustees and the eleventh member is a representative from the Finance Committee. The Lead Pastor serves in an advisory capacity.

The Foundation has several sources of income. The Memorial Tree Program provides an avenue for a person to purchase a leaf in memory of a family member or friend to be added to the beautiful Memorial Tree, located in the narthex. To date there are over 185 leaves on the Memorial Tree.

A few years ago the Foundation established a Legacy Group to give families an opportunity to include the Foundation in their estate planning. The General Endowment Fund includes undesignated gifts given to the Foundation, including cash or other assets such as property, securities, life insurance policies, and charitable life-income plans. The Legacy Group presently has 24 members.

Monies given to the Foundation are invested in a conservative portfolio with the California Pacific United Methodist Foundation. This larger Foundation provides optimum management protection and financial enhancement for the funds.

Each year the Foundation distributes its net earnings through grant requests from various church committees or organizations. The principal of the fund is retained and the net earnings are distributed. The earnings are used to support a variety of needs or programs of committees and organizations in the church. In the last five years the Foundation has given over $73,700 in grants from the earnings of its investments.

An old Chinese proverb states: “One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.” We encourage you to help us “plant trees” through the Los Altos United Methodist Church Foundation to provide “shade” for our future church ministries.