November 20, 2016

Los Altos Ministry News

Caring Ministries Synopsis

Prayer Team Ministry is currently 23 members strong! Each week our church prayer warriors pray for those who have requested comfort, care, healing mercies and more. They continue to be our prayer warriors for our church and congregation. The prayer request cards will soon be redesigned and will still be available in the pew pocket shelves, the church office or a request can be sent online though the church website. Goal for the coming year is to continue the prayer faith and to streamline the prayer request card process.

Prayer Quilt Ministry just celebrated ten years of meeting together to create beautiful quilts for the benefit of those in need of quilt blessing. Currently the prayer quilt ministry is in need of natural batting to continue to make the quilts. For the past ten years the materials to make the quilts have been donated by members of the group and church members. The goal for the upcoming year is to raise funds for more materials and create a space to store the quilts at the church. This will be accomplished by donations from friends of the ministry or a fundraiser and also permission designate a closet by the building committee. The group is pleased to announce that they have two new members, which will bring our total membership to fifteen quilt artists.

Prayer Shawl Ministry meets monthly to discuss a short Bible devotional and to knit or crochet shawls to be given to anyone who is ill, has suffered a loss or is in the midst of crisis. We are blessed by donations received from members who have received shawls in the past and the group has created 34 shawls this year. Our goal for the upcoming year is to create beautiful shawls and try to increase our membership. We currently have 14 prayer shawl artists.

Caring Cards Ministry volunteers are able to be in service to the church by providing spiritual encouragement and affirmation to homebound members of our congregation by sending cards and notes through the U.S. mail. Some of these volunteers have been doing this task for our church for over thirty years. Our member numbers have dwindled due to either personal illness or family responsibilities due to illness. We currently have four active members with two members on hiatus. Our goal for the coming year is recruit more members to our ministry.

Caring Visitors Ministry assist in visiting church members who are isolated, have recently been sick, are recovering in their home, a nursing home, rehabilitation center or the hospital. These visits provide community and connection to the congregation for the homebound and recovering members of our church family. We have five visitor-volunteers with three members on hiatus due to illness or family responsibilities due to illness. We have made over 225 visits this year. Our goal for next year is to recruit more volunteers.

Overall goals for Director of Caring Ministries
My goal for the upcoming year is to establish better communication with the five ministries and to meet possibly on a quarterly basis with groups who do not meet on a monthly basis.

Blessings of Peace and Calm,
Florence A. Barker Ferguson