January 3, 2016

Pastor Letter

Christmas Greetings in the name of our Christ!

Our Advent and Christmas seasons have been a learning time for me. I have been reflecting on the darkness and working to sit still in the darkness. I have been reading a book called “Learning To Walk In The Dark,” by Barbara Brown Taylor, as well as studying the biblical Book of Micah, a minor prophet in scripture. I have spent time in ministry -- serving, celebrating, praying, learning -- together with our students and families, and learning to experience this season with my own family.

And, I think, to some extent, I will never, ever be able to grasp the full power of the birth of Christ. I will never, ever be able to fully know the miracle of the “incarnation” -- the “breaking in” of our amazing, creator God.

But this season, for me, what has been particularly meaningful has not been the question of what does the birth of Christ mean or how much power does it have … but how will my life reflect Christmas? How will my daily routine manifest that God is with me, with us, and that God loves me so much that God came to me on Christmas eve? How will I teach this to my children, and how will I show Christmas to my children and my church?

Big questions … and I don’t have all the answers. I never do! But, my Advent and Christmas devotions have helped me to fine tune these questions to guide me in the days ahead. So, I will continue to pray on these questions, and take them to my small group, too. I will try different things, pray and serve. And, I will continue to prayerfully ask myself in the seasons ahead: how does my life reflect Christmas?

I wonder what the seasons of Advent and Christmas have meant for you? What have you experienced or learned or just noticed?

And in the days ahead … how will your life reflect that Jesus was born - that God is with us?

Merry Christmas: Christ is born!

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda