October 4, 2015

Pastor Letter

Oh My Goodness … it’s October!

Another beautiful fall has arrived, and after some summer rest, reflection, and preparation, I find myself feeling excited for a wonderful season in ministry with you. And, I can only say this because an important portion of my work as one of your pastors, and our work together as God’s church, centers on reflection. I took time this summer and this past week to reflect and pray over our ministries. I took time to humbly ask God where to lead God’s people and to hear God’s voice. I have found this work invaluable in our ministry together.

In fact, I have found this reflection time so valuable that I have begun to schedule it into my quarterly calendar. Every four months, I will be taking three days away from the “daily grind” to reflect on where God is leading us – what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can listen and respond best to the lead of the Holy Spirit among us. I am thankful to serve a church, lead pastor and staff that understands and values this quiet time of reflection.

As I write this, I am reminded of a core practice of our Youth Core Team who works at the art of reflection every time we gather. We lift up the ministry we have been involved with, and we share from the heart what we experienced. What worked? Where did we see Jesus in the midst of it all? Would we do it again? If so, why and what would we change? If not, why? These reflections impact deeply our ministry planning; this simple art that Youth Core Team practices leads our discipleship work. It’s effective; it’s important; it’s a key way that we work together following Jesus.

Our youth ministry elected a great Youth Core Team for 2015-2016 to lead students in our church family. These young people meet monthly to reflect, dream and plan, and are engaged all year to help us all be the church today – for all ages and all stages. Please encourage their work with a simple “hello,” and “thank you for serving on Youth Core Team this year,” when you get a moment. Ask them about their passion for fighting malaria, ending hunger and being part of an inclusive body of Christ. Ask them about Everyone’s Inn … or even better, join us for play, dinner and worship on Wednesdays, and let’s be the church together!

  • High School: Jordyn Carpenter, Landry Ferguson, Emily LaSalle, Eva Simpao, Jordan Smith, Ellie Wilson
  • Middle School: Nate Noriega, Drew Wilson

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda