September 6, 2015

Pastor Letter

Early September greetings one and all, A few Sundays ago, I preached regarding our work together as a church. For me, one of the church’s primary functions (if not the most crucial one in order to successfully engage in our mission to build disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world) … is to support one another on our faith journeys with Christ. The main way that we do that is to provide an open, safe place where we gather to be in relationship with one another. From this relationship building comes the rest.

Using a selection from the book of I Kings and insights of our ancestor, King Solomon, I lifted up three things that guide us in this work together:

1) God says we are enough.
2) God partners with us in the work at hand.
3) Sometimes, we are called … lovingly to be Slackers for God.

As I was thinking and remembering our worship service together, I remembered a special prayer I came across recently, and I want to offer it to you to enjoy.

May I know that I am enough,
enough love and grace,
enough compassion and generosity,
enough strength and justice,
just as I am,
in this moment and in every moment.

May I live trusting the truth of this,
relaxing into the moments of life
seeking to be authentic instead of worthy,
real instead of good,
loving instead of liked.

So that the truth of Me
gentles and softens its way
into the adventure of living,
embracing life as it unfolds,
celebrating and sorrowing in turn,
rejoicing in the pleasure of being alive as Me.


Indeed, know that you are enough: God has created you to be from the very get-go!

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda