September 20, 2015

Pastor Letter

Early September greetings one and all,

After a successful trial last winter, this fall season on Wednesdays, we are offering small groups again for our children and students (youth). While we do learn in small groups, the focus of small groups is not Bible study per se. Small groups are the primary way that we are in Christian community together. These groups are the central locale for disciples of Christ to ask questions, challenge assumptions, share the joys and hurts of life in a safe, accepting and loving community.

All of our small groups are led by dedicated, trained ministry volunteers. Each group is unique and special, and it’s been an exciting journey to see our young people grow together and grow in Christ. We have two small groups for younger children and three youth groups. As the center of small group conversation, children are focusing on basic Bible stories using The Story, and students are taking a look at how we are “wired” to know God. Here’s a snippet of the starting conversation for our student small group:

How many hours are you technologically connected on a normal day? If you were to add up your hours online, your glances at text messages, your streaming music, your perusing social media, your Netflix addiction, how many hours could you count? It’s probably a lot. Our culture is obsessed with technology—and with good reason. Technology keeps us connected to each other and to the world around us. Nearly every device we own transmits signals to something else, somewhere else. Why? Because that’s how they’re wired to function. Our phones, tablets, smart watches, gaming systems—they all are wired to connect to something outside them. And the same is true for us. We are wired for connection. It’s in our design. As we take a closer look at what Jesus called “the greatest commandment,” we discover that we are wired to have three vital relationships: with God, with ourselves, and with others. And when those connections are made, everything else begins to function in the way it was designed.

Pretty interesting stuff, no? And, so I ask: how are you connected? How are you connected to know God and to follow Christ? How can we, the church, support your faith journey, your connection with Christ?

We are witnessing that answer on Wednesday nights in our children and youth small groups. We are also supporting the nurture of a few adult small groups, as well. If you are interested in knowing more, let’s chat! 

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda