September 13, 2015

Pastor letter

 “Come into Your Own”
“…till all of us come… to maturity,
to the measure of the full stature of Christ.” James 4:13

One of the delights of nurturing something or someone is seeing them develop. Whether it is seeing a blossom transfigure into a pumpkin, or a child take off on a bicycle on their own, we find joy in seeing life “come into its own.” Puppies grow into their paws, children grow into their imaginations, and disciples grow into the full stature of Christ. That may sound a little intimidating; however it doesn’t mean becoming Jesus. It does mean fulfilling the Christ qualities within us.

It is wonderful to have a child depend on you, lean on you and run to you for reassurance. But, within their capacity, it is even more amazing to see a child realize their unique gifts, learn to trust their own capacity and develop resilience (inner assurance) in the face of obstacles. This is “Coming into Your Own.”

In our worship this fall, we will look at what it means for disciples and the disciple growing community, to mature into the measure of Jesus. How are we nurturing our capacity to follow, to employ the gifts of the Spirit, to build resilient faith and enduring compassion? Together we will explore the qualities of Jesus into which we seek to grow.

  • Week 1 – Respecting the “Power of Words” which we can use to encourage or belittle.
  • Week 2 – Maturity is reflected in “Gift Affirming.” When our gifts are affirmed we welcome others, instead of being jealous, intimidated or threatened by their abilities.
  • Week 3 – Coming into our own is sustained by a “Deep Spirit.” Jesus sustained his walk of compassion in prayer and time with the spirit.
  • Week 4 – We come into our own “In Good Company.” Maturity is marked by looking beyond our own interests, beyond what I have. It is rejoicing in the flourishing of God’s children in all circumstances.

Our Los Altos UMC church family continues to “Come into Our Own” as we seek to reflect that stature and character of Christ in our life together and in the community we serve. In worship, service, and small groups we discover the breadth of Christ among us.

Pastor Mark