July 26, 2015

Pastor Letter

Summer greetings one and all,

It is hot. It is humid. It’s all the talk these days. But as hot as it is, the buzz on our campus is not about the heat … because it’s “Adventure Week!” This week marks the first one of our Groundlings Summer Day Camp. It’s a week filled with learning, laughter, singing and creativity. Focusing on the adventurers of the Bible, each day campers are learning about our Bible heroes in an multi-generational and supportive atmosphere.

Los Altos UMC adults (older, younger and everywhere in-between) are leading games, lessons, crafts, music and visual arts. Youth are serving as counselors and interns leading our camper teams which we lovingly call “families.” These families get to name themselves, get a special “home” (an area of Fellowship Hall) that they decorate and make their own, and time everyday where they spend deciding as a family just what to do together! Then, these families spend their days together enjoying camp together and with the other families.

All over our campus this summer, God’s children are learning together what it looks like to be God’s family. Many hands, many ages, many stages are collaborating to support our summer adventure called Groundlings! It’s an adventure for all of us - campers and servants alike. We are all thankful for our whole church’s prayers and support.

Week One is off to an exciting start! Three more weeks follow, and we feel blessed to be able to offer such a beautiful ministry for our community.

In the weeks ahead, let’s also consider how we are following up this vigor and creativity with renewed creative energy in our year-round ministries with children, youth, and adults in intergenerational settings such as worship and Everyone’s Inn. Let’s be in prayer this summer for our work together at Groundlings and in new seasons of ministry coming upon us.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda