June 21, 2015

Pastor Letter

One car manufacturer posted the name of the prospective owner on the chassis of a new car being assembled, so those along the assembly line would have a sense of the person who would be receiving the work of their hands.

I wondered about looking back on this process from the receiving end. Have you ever wondered how many hands contributed to producing the car you drive? From designers to engineers, from tool and dye to assemblers, from transporters to detailers at your local dealers, there are thousands of hands involved.

Well, I think about the number of hands related to our worship and celebration experiences each week at Los Altos UMC. Each week many hands are involved in building and assembling three distinct worship experiences. I remember this in prayer with great appreciation for all the contributions that prepare the way for worship. This past Sunday was music appreciation Sunday, and we expressed gratitude for the gifts of musicians dedicated to drawing us into praise and adoration.

I am mindful of so many who offer their gifts and service. So today on behalf of our church family, I express our thanks:

  • to ushers and greeters (and coordinators) who welcome us and share the dance of worship
  • to worship guide producers, editors, printers and folders
  • to artists who decorate, create, design
  • touching our imagination
  • to communion stewards, servers and coordinators who prepare our offering of bread and cup
  • to technicians who set up, take down and control our audio/visual systems
  • to power-point creators and presenters who lead us in worship
  • to liturgists (and coordinators) who read, lead, act and proclaim the word, tell our story and guide us in prayer
  • to teams who extend hospitality, providing coffee (and tea), and donuts (particularly maple bars)
  • to care givers who share our prayer concerns through the week - to data entry volunteers who register our presence
  • to child tenders who care for the children among us (official and unofficial)
  • to our acolytes who bear the symbols of our worship
  • to all who join their hearts in song to undergird our journey of faith.

May God bless you with joy in your service as you have blessed us with wonder in our worship.

Pastor Mark