June 14, 2015

Pastor Letter

Pentecost greetings church family, We continue together in the season of Pentecost celebrating the birth of the church. As one of your pastoral leaders, my work during Pentecost focuses on how we are equipping the church to be the church. Specifically, how am I leading the church in its work to form disciples of Jesus Christ? In the past few weeks, I have been posing this same question with team leaders from various places of ministry: our intergenerational “Everyone’s Inn” ministry; our students’ ministries; and our Youth Core Team. I am excited to share some answers to those questions that have come from you - the church. So, read on!

Question: How are we, the Los Altos UMC, working to form disciples of Jesus Christ?

Answers from our Everyone’s Inn Team Leaders:

  • Supporting and engaging in intergenerational conversations and discussions over dinner
  • Providing opportunities for the church to “own” their faith experiences as a diverse and intergenerational body of Christ such as reading and performing dramatic readings of scripture; all ages helping to decorate/set up and clean up for Inn meals
  • Service Nights — Sandwich service nights where we prepared and packed 150 sack lunches for the homeless community in Long Beach and Blanket Night where we made 30+ blankets for people at low-income dialysis clinics and Miller Children’s Hospital Pediatric Renal Ward
  • Expanding our understanding of “family,” & modeling what that looks like
  • Small group learning formats
  • Supporting our growing leaders — offering places where disciples can learn to lead by doing it
  • Having fun! Playing and relaxing together!

Answers from our Youth Core Team:

  • Marching for peace and socio-economic justice with our community
  • Working to end malaria with Imagine No Malaria
  • Small group learning formats
  • Providing opportunities such as the confirmation journey where we can experience, challenge and discuss our faith
  • Serving our brothers and sisters at Los Posadas celebration at The Neighborhood UMC
  • Everyone’s Inn

What are your answers? What do YOU see? Send me an email or let’s go chat over a cup of coffee. Together, let’s continue our work supporting the growth of disciples today at Los Altos UMC.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda