May 10, 2015

Pastor Letter

Easter greetings church family,

This past week, Pastor Mark, Liz Hinz, Rebecca Swartz and Don and Sabrina Moreau and I formed an “Orange” team in Atlanta, Georgia. Yes, we flew across the country and attended the powerful “Think Orange” conference on youth and family ministries. It was a time of deep learning, challenge and even assurance in some ways for all of us as a team in collaborative ministry, and for us as individuals on our own journeys of Christian discipleship.

One of the most reassuring reminders was hearing repeated throughout the week: “Treat Everyone as a Child of God.” It was reassuring for me because those exact words form our missional focus at Everyone’s Inn! But hearing the phrase so often caused me to ask: “Who are we not treating in this way at Los Altos UMC?” … and maybe even more markedly, “Who doesn’t know that this is our mission at Everyone’s Inn?” For example, who haven’t we welcomed to the Inn yet? Who needs that warm invitation and explanation that the Inn really, truly is designed for all ages and for folks at all stages?

One of the things that I need to always remember as a pastoral leader is that our work as disciples of Christ really is never done!

We have two weeks remaining at Everyone’s Inn this season, and then we take our summer break. The Inn is designed to help foster a church that is inter-generationally focused, a church that encourages different ages getting together consistently to break bread (meal), to worship God (singing, ringing and praying), to play (recreation and relaxation) and to form in our faith (service and small groups). We come together weekly to connect and share our lives, and in so doing, we are the beloved community of Christ.

Some nights that looks like preparing 160+ lunches for our homeless brothers and sisters. Some nights that looks like praying in small groups, and wrestling with the tough stories of the Hebrew Bible. Some nights that looks like a 50-year old rocking a 3-month old while the 30-year old eats dinner. Some nights that looks like the student convincing the child that eating something green isn’t all that bad.

All nights it looks like the church of God to me.

Join us for the remaining two Wednesdays, and let’s be the church together. All stages. All ages. You are needed. You are loved. Everyone’s Inn … where Everyone is treated like a child of God.

Your sister in Christ,
Pastor Melinda
p.s. Yes, it’s still Easter in the church. : )