May 31, 2015

Pastor Letter

Pentecost Greetings one and all, Over this past year, I have been most blessed to lead and be a part of a special confirmation journey with our confirmation class. Together with confirmation co-leaders, Ann Ruegg and Rebecca Swartz, we met for 18 “class” sessions where we learned, questioned, challenged, discussed, and just “took in” all things Christian faith, church, and much, much more.

In the fall and spring of this past year, we held two weekend camping retreats at Lazy W Campground, and in the winter season, we met for class times here on our Los Altos UMC campus. Sessions included conversations on the Holy Trinity; sin, repentance and redemption; devotion, prayer, compassion and worship; United Methodist Church history; the Wesleyan Quadrilateral; Grace; and our ongoing pursuit and work of social justice. And, of course, we also just laughed, played and grew closer together as a church family.

Throughout the course of the year, our confirmands have been paired with and supported by Faith Friends. Faith Friends are Los Altos UMC folks who have taken the time to walk with our confirmands during this special time in their lives. Faith Friends have supported confirmands in many ways: praying for their journeys one and all; writing cards and sending messages of encouragement; serving with confirmands at St. Luke’s and Broken Loaf Food Pantry; sharing and hosting meals at Everyone’s Inn; going to the movies; attending confirmation class; worshipping alongside confirmands.

I am grateful for the immense support of our confirmands from our Confirmation CoLeaders, Faith Friends, Families and the larger Los Altos UMC. It takes the church to be the church. Additionally, these confirmands are to be commended for their own personal dedication and commitment to their faith journey. They have done great work, and I am inspired by each of them.

But, I would remind us all that confirmation is not an end, nor a means to an end. It is part of a lifelong faith journey toward and in God’s boundless love, shared with us through Jesus the Christ. May we all continue together, supporting one another (babies, confirmands, young adults, olders, elders, all) – to seek God, to walk in the ways of Christ, and to be emboldened by the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Melinda