April 12, 2015

Pastor Letter

Easter greetings church family,

We are now in the church season of Easter when we experience what it means to live in and into the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Such an undertaking means many different things to each of us, does it not?

On Holy Saturday (the day before Easter Sunday - the final day of Holy Week), I brought my daughter, three youth and a worker bee (adult leader with youth) with me to march in downtown LA. Together with a group of a few hundred others, we marched through downtown Los Angeles to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the anniversary of his assassination. We had some adventures on the Blue Line which led us to having to chase the march in order to be in the march, and ended up with an unscheduled visit to the LA Cathedral. But, most importantly, our adventure led us to being present on our journey as disciples of Christ in a very different way on Holy Saturday.

You see, once we caught up with the march, we found ourselves walking right through the real and present pain of Skid Row. We witnessed the degrading pain of hunger and homelessness all the while we marched in memory and honor of the prophetic voice of Dr. King. We heard from God’s people and were part of God’s people saying that Dr. King’s voice of inclusion for all must not go unheard … and that there is much, much important work yet to be done. We must continue the difficult and challenging work of bringing all voices to the table and listening to them. We must continue the difficult and challenging work of being open to learning from other people of God who have experienced life very differently than we have — knowing that the kingdom is yet to come — and we all have a place there.

To me, this is what living in and into the resurrection of Jesus Christ means. It means walking together and following Christ, guided by the continuing voice of prophecy today. It means walking with people — one and all — on Skid Row —at Everyone’s Inn — and every place in between. It means speaking out and stepping up as Christ would have us do, knowing that we have a future together if we live today knowing that death holds no power over us. We are alive in Christ — today and tomorrow. Let’s live in the freedom that knowledge brings us, and work to share that freedom with all of God’s people.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda