May 3, 2015

Pastor Letter

At our Church Council meeting last Sunday, Roger Klinkers reported on the progress of the Lounge and campus improvements behalf of the Building Committee. We now have the first run of the documents necessary for obtaining permits in hand and under review. We have also retained the services of CBRE for managing the project and assessing potential savings. Bids have been received on the lift from the main level to the Fellowship Hall, to be located near the West Sanctuary steps near the Chapel. Preschool playground relocation designs are being reviewed. All plans once reviewed and accepted by the committee will be available for review.

In addition, Merlin Thimlar reported on our present income to date on the new Building Fund and expenses from previous Building Fund. He addressed the need for a short term bridge (construction) loan from the Annual Conference Loan Committee, which is being explored.

The Council recommended these steps to the Charge Conference, setting up our “next-steps.” This will include one charge Conference (possibly May13 or 20) to accept the final plans, submit for permit, seek bids and initiate the loan process. A second Charge Conference will be needed to accept a bid and begin construction and approve the details of a loan. (?June)

More on the Council later…

Prayer Concern
The images of displaced peoples around the globe are on my heart these days. From people escaping violence in Yemen, to the refugees lost at sea on their way from Libya to Italy, we see people seeking asylum from regional danger. From victims of human trafficking whose nightmares are often born of a dream for a better life, to those displaced by disasters or migrants abused or murdered in Johannesburg, South Africa, we see the homeless on a massive scale. The New York Times reports that in the last week over 1,200 lives of migrants have been lost in the Mediterranean Sea. Because there is no quick resolution, we are likely to turn our eyes to challenges with clearer resolutions. However, I would invite you to stand vigil with these dislocated members of our family. Include them in your prayers, light a candle so they do not disappear into the darkness; place a picture somewhere to represent the home to which God will lead them.

Pastor Mark