March 22, 2015


The contributions to the campaign are going very well. We have received approximately $220,000. To date, very little of these funds have been expended as we do the preparation work for the actual building and modification activities. Since most of this work is behind the scenes and not visible to much of the congregation, here is an overview. Current activities include: efforts to hire a Project Manager, Pre-School Playground Relocation planning to contract level, evaluation of fellowship hall wheelchair/people lift proposals including location assessment and site planning, preparation to hire an Electrical Engineer to design a new power distribution system, and working with our architect to finalize the project drawings. In addition to all of the above, we have held an initial meeting with the Conference to obtain a bridge loan so the construction can take place as soon as possible without waiting until the end of the 3 year pledge period.

The Building Committee would like to highlight one immediate improvement to the campus using a modest amount of the Capital Campaign funds. Have you noticed the great new paint on much of our trim and railings around the Church? This is just one of the improvements you will see over the next few months as we upgrade our campus.

All of the above is due to the congregation’s support of the Capital Campaign while maintaining your support to the Church’s operational budget. We would ask for your assistance in clearly indicating how the funds you donate should be applied to our various funds. Please mark on your giving envelopes how that donation should be allocated: Capital Campaign, operating budget, flowers, etc. This will assist us greatly in using the donations as you intended.

The past several months have been extremely busy and very productive. We expect much more to be accomplished over the next several months. Your timely support in making your donations is extremely valuable in assuring that LAUMC can move into the full campus upgrade with confidence!

Finance, Building Committee, and Follow Up Team