November 15, 2015

Pastor Letter

Greetings in the name of Christ!

Our fall season of “Everyone’s Inn” has been a beautiful gathering of Christ’s beloved community. I do hope that you have experienced the blessing of the Inn in some way. Each time that the community has gathered, we have worshipped together in prayer and song. We have played together over a coffee conversation, a game on the big yard, and a craft or board game in the Lounge. We have grown in Christ in small groups for all ages, and over a shared meal together. Some nights, God brings together 40 people and other nights, God brings over 65. All nights, I see Jesus present and alive among his community. All nights, I see the hands and feet of Christ serving God’s people; treating all people in the image of God; prioritizing gathering, learning, serving and worshipping together. I see God’s people making time to be community together and supporting our growing, all-ages church.

We have just one more evening planned -- this coming Wednesday, Nov. 18. It is our “Thanksgiving” Inn night where community members each bring a dish to share (sort of an old-fashioned Methodist potluck? … each couple, person or family brings something according to their last name):

A-M: Main Dish
N-Z: Dessert

On this special evening at the Inn, we gather to specifically offer thanks to God for all that God gives to us, and thanks to the many hands that labor in Christ’s name to support the Everyone’s Inn community. We also begin our work to prepare for Advent on this night. After much pleading, we will see the return of the Advent Challenge! Start studying now, friends!

Part of our ongoing work as church is to offer thanks to those who serve in the name of Christ and to form in our faith. Make plans to join friends and family at the Inn, and ...

Join us at the Inn to offer thanks to God.
Join us to offer thanks to the many hands who labor weekly to gather the community, to be the community, and to support faith formation for all ages.
Join us as the church prepares to prepare … and learn about Advent!

On the journey with you as your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda