January 18, 2015

Pastors Annual Report

The people of Los Altos United Methodist Church have bravely and boldly endeavored to live into the community God is calling us to be. I share in ministry here with the clear understanding that I am blessed by people who are investing and being caught up in a Spirit of renewal. I am grateful:

  • For the hard work of the Vision Team, under the leadership of Linda Matlock, in pioneering our mission and engaging the congregation in discerning God’s call.
  • For Lay Leaders, Arlyss Burket, Susan McVay, Cindy Chaffee and Howard Griffith, who foster ministry in the Missional areas of Good News, Outreach, Growing in Christ and Support Ministries;
    • And to the members of the LAUMC family who carry out the ministry and mission of Christ in community transformation, in offering praise, in providing care, in preparing class rooms and teaching, in preparing meals, mentoring students old and young and in making our church home welcoming.
  • For Martha Cox-Nitikman, our Church Council chairperson, for patience, enthusiasm and wisdom keeping our congregational leaders connected in the ministry we share;
    • And all of the people who plan, coordinate, prepare meals, decorate, serve, and dream as they make ministry happen.
  • For the members of the Building Committee who have relentlessly sought to listen to the congregation and people who use our facility, as they meet with the architect to translate vision into functional and effective design of our mission;
    • And all of those who engaged in conversations that helped review, ponder and improve the plan.
  • For the Capital Campaign Team, coordinated by Dick and Darlene Lunde, Christie Kahler and Jennifer Garcia-Von Ranzow. Over 50 people participated in leading a successful endeavor to fund our building renovations;
    • And this amazing congregation who allowed the spirit to guide this season of stewardship and responded with generosity, hope and dedication.
  • For the Finance Team, led by chair Merlin Thimlar, Finance Secretary Nancy Yoho and Treasurer Norena Thompson, who provided oversight and amazing support through both the general operations and the Capital Campaign;
    • And the people who contribute to the mission efforts: UMCOR, Habitat for Humanity, Door of Faith, Youth Service Projects, Get on the Bus and the host of outreach programs that extend our mission well beyond the general budget.
  • For the Trustees, chaired by Mike Miner, who continue to address the safety, function and welcome of our campus to our ministries and the neighbors we host on the property;
    • And all of the individuals and groups who provide labor to maintain our landscape, decorate our rooms, move tables, chairs, and provide costumes, coffee tables and donuts to create a place of hospitality.
  • For our professional staff and their passion for ministry, their care for people and their gifts in leadership, music, organization and stretching a dollar;
    • And the host of unpaid staff who prepare our worship space, who print our worship guides and letters, who count, copy, receive office guests, organize and maintain records.

With a grateful heart and eagerness to see where the Spirit will guide us and the gifts the Spirit will employ,

Pastor Mark Ulrickson