September 28, 2014

Pastor Letter

Greetings brothers and sisters,

Or should I say, “Aloha?" (It was Hawaiian night at Everyone's Inn two weeks 
ago.) Or, maybe I should say, "Ayyyy! Mateys!" (It was Pirate Night at the Inn 
last Wednesday.) On Wednesday’s this fall, winter and spring at Los Altos UMC, 
we are hosting a very special ministry — affectionately known as “Everyone’s Inn.” 

The Inn is a special place where all generations of God’s people come together —
to be God’s people. We start each evening by relaxing and playing together. 
Then, we gather to worship together through singing and praying, and we break 
bread together with a wonderful and nutritious, home-cooked meal. Then, on 
some evenings we divide into smaller, age-based groups to share our faith 
journeys together through learning and reflecting on scripture. And, on some 
evenings after dinner, we all stay together to be in service or continue in worship 
together. For example, on October 1, the Inn will make 150 sack lunches for 
members of our Long Beach homeless community who are served by our sister 
agency, Christian Outreach in Action. On October 22, we will stay together to 
worship in prayer stations around our campus.

Yes, some nights at “Everyone’s Inn” are messier and louder than others. Some 
nights at the Inn are quieter and smaller in number. But, all nights at the Inn, all 
times when God’s people are gathered to be God’s people — learning, sharing, 
celebrating, worshipping together — are blessed gatherings. The Inn is truly a 
place where all ages — all of God’s people are invited into the beloved 

You are cordially invited. Yes, you. The only rule we have at Everyone’s Inn is 
that “Everyone is treated like a child of God.” So, join us at the Inn — where 
everyone is welcome and there’s always room for more. Dinner is $4 and sign-in 
is at 5.30pm. 

Please ask any one of the Everyone’s Inn Leadership Team (Amanda Breuer, Don 
Moreau, Sabrina Moreau, Mary Lou Flores, and Amanda Thomas) or our Family 
Ministries Associate (Liz Hinz), or myself for more information. We are excited to 
share the joy of the Inn with you.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Melinda