August 10, 2014

Summer greetings one and all,

I am very excited for so many things right now. I am excited for our journey 
ahead as God’s family called the Los Altos United Methodist Church. Recently, 
our Church Council approved Phase I of the proposed building campaign and 
the commencement of a capital campaign to fund this work. The council made an 
informed decision after reviewing the feasibility study performed by Cargill & 
Associates. The results of the study determined that the church is financially 
ready and prepared to begin this work, together.

Also, I am excited to share how awesome our Groundlings Summer Camp has 
been and continues to be. We are offering a wonderful camp program with 
children and families here every day this summer! We are singing, playing, 
learning, resting, eating, dreaming and playing some more — all together as one 
big family and a few smaller families, too. Each of the Groundlings camp families 
are led by a college intern and several youth counselors. Our lesson and craft 
sessions are taught by adults. Plus, we have had lots of snack donations from 
the entire church family. It’s truly been a whole church effort, and I am excited to 
be a part of it all. 

I am excited about our new, upcoming Chair Yoga classes this fall, and the fun 
“Beat the Heat” gatherings this summer. I am excited to see our Los Altos UMC 
library holdings on display Sundays this summer. I hope that you have noticed 
them, too. If not, take a look at the cart near the Lounge, and maybe find a great 
summer read. 

And … I am excited that starting this coming week, I am taking some vacation 
time with my family! 

Our church has much to offer our gathered community, and the many that we 
have yet to welcome. What are you excited about at Los Altos UMC, and with 
whom could you share your excitement?

Your sister in Christ,
Pastor Melinda