July 6, 2014

Pastor Letter

Last Sunday the Los Altos United Methodist Church family gathered for holy 
conferencing. The proposals of the Building Committee were considered and Plan 
“D” for the Lounge and other improvements were approved. You can view the 
specifics on our losaltosumc.org website. 

The Plan 

  • -Adds 1,500 square feet of space to the Lounge with a new kitchen, accessible bathrooms, new conference/library room and improvements to the meeting area itself 
  • Makes improvements to the Fellowship Hall, redesigning the former kitchen into a preparation area, adding an extra family-accessible bathroom near the women’s bathroom and a “bump out” for worship band performance and storage space. 
  • Adds a lift from the main level to the Fellowship Hall 
  • Expands the Preschool playground west of the Preschool building, opening the patio as a gathering area 
  • Create a new nursery in the present library with a new family bathroom adjacent. 
  • Repairs to the façade 

The Funding 
The Church Family approved a capital campaign with a goal of $650,000 to 
implement the plan. Conducting the campaign is conditioned on a feasibility study 
already underway to assess the potential of church member contributions. Other 
capital resources on hand could augment campaign funds (i.e. remaining Building 
Fund, Walton Parsonage Fund and Conference and District grants). The feasibility 
report will be presented to the Church Council on Wednesday, July 30 and a 
determination to proceed with a campaign or not will be made. Everyone in our 
church family is encouraged to participate in the study by completing and sending 
in the questionnaire mailed out this week. 

Why now? Let me offer the perspective that makes sense to me. We are living on 
borrowed time with our facility. It has served us well, but normal use, deferred 
maintenance, the age of the facilities, and water/termite damage, have mounted up 
over the 14 years since renovation was first considered. We need to tend to the 
property entrusted to us, so we can be an inviting, safe, functional and accessible 
space for ministry now and in the future. Delay will neither reduce costs, nor 
increase likely resources. Our LAUMC household has received an amazing 
inheritance from our predecessors in faith. We are presented with an opportunity to 
pass along this legacy. 

Pastor Mark