July 20, 2014

Dear colleagues and friends, 
We know that many of you join us in our concern regarding the urgent humanitarian 
need at our border and in our communities as thousands of refugee children flee 
violence and instability, seeking a safe haven here in the U.S. 
Photos of overcrowded facilities and political grandstanding on the issue have 
captivated the media, but the national conversation has yet to reflect our faith values 
and our commitment to compassion and caring for children. Too many of these 
children are scared and alone, desperate for someone to accompany them and care 
for them as they seek a future that will be brighter than their past. 
We hope you will join us for an Interfaith Weekend of Compassion and Prayer 
for Unaccompanied Migrant Children, July 18-20, from sunset to sunset…* 

During this interfaith weekend of compassion and prayer, we hope you and your community of faith will also join us in a letter-writing campaign to inject a much-needed dose of compassion into the national conversation and send a message to these children that they are not forgotton...*

The website www.TheyareChildren.com will go live on Monday, July 14th with 
additional information on submitting your own letter, drawing, or photo to a child 
and holding them in prayer.* 
We are also inviting you to be ready to join us in reaching out to 
congressional leaders and calling upon them to rise above politics and 
respond to this humanitarian crisis with compassion and respect for the 
rights of these vulnerable ones in our midst…* 

I hope you’ll join us in sending love and support to these children in need and 
helping us to move away from a polarized and hostile narrative to a narrative of 
compassion and justice that reflects our faith values. 


Bishop Minerva G. Carcaño                      Bishop J. Jon Bruno 
Los Angeles Area Resident Bishop          Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles 
The United Methodist Church                   President, Los Angeles Council of Religious Leaders 
Excerpts from the Bishops’ original letter dated 7/11/2014 

*See announcements for information on how Los Altos UMC is participating in these efforts*