June 8, 2014

Pastor letter
“Leave it better than you found it.” I recall my parents using this phrase when 
we ventured to a new campground. Mom and dad conveyed a sense of 
gratitude for those who had come before us and passed on to us a wonderful 
campsite. Forest Service people are those who care for the wilderness which 
allows us to take in nature’s beauty, as well as previous campers who had 
maintained the area. 
My folks also instilled a sense of responsibility and participation in passing on 
the legacy to those who would enjoy the space after us: leaving kindling for a 
campfire and clearing our debris. 
Los Altos is in the process of taking similar care of our “missional” 
campground. We are recipients of a legacy of care and ministry. Over the last 
two years, we have been considering how we can enhance our site for 
ministry. The Building Committee is preparing its recommendations for those 
At its meeting this past Wednesday, our Church Council reviewed the 
timeline for actions related to improvements to the Lounge and other Phase I 
projects. A feasibility study employing Cargill and Associates (selected at our 
January, All Church Conference) was approved. It will be conducted over the 
next 8 weeks. This will provide valuable information as we make decisions 
regarding capital campaigns in the future. 
The Council also considered how our Los Altos UMC family would participate 
in our California-Pacific Annual Conference campaign to end Malaria. The 
Conference has set an 18 month goal of $3,000,000. They have asked 
churches to consider a pledge of $100 per average worship attendance. Our 
average attendance is about 300 people, so the goal we discussed is 
$30,000. With the understanding that this is an endeavor that can invite 
participation beyond our members, the Council approved the goal of $30,000. 
We also celebrated that our youth have already contributed over $5,000 to 
No More Malaria. 
These are just of a few of the ways Los Altos UMC is seeking to leave the 
world: “a little better than we found it.” 
Pastor Mark Ulrickson