February 9, 2014

Pastoral Letter

Over 2 years ago, through a variety of conversations, the LAUMC family affirmed a guiding statement of our identity, core values and mission. We have endeavored to keep that
guiding statement in front of us as we address challenges, initiate ministries and focus our resources. 

As we move forward into new seasons of ministry and new opportunities we need to ask, “How are we fulfilling our mission?” (see below) “How has your journey as a follower of Jesus developed?” “How are we living out our mission and core values?”

Identity Statement
"We are a community grounded in God's love (grace), following the way of Jesus and empowered by the Spirit to welcome all people."

Core Values
In our life and ministry together, we are committed to:
        - We listen and lovingly respond to one another’s needs.
        - We engage compassionately with our neighbors.
        - We care for all of God’s creation.
        - We respond to new opportunities.
        - We face emerging challenges creatively.
        - We celebrate the diversity of the human family.
        - We welcome and engage diverse perspectives.
        - We affirm the gifts of other religious traditions and communities, and serve together with
          these communities.
        - We encourage a vital and informed, personal spiritual journey.

Mission Statement
"We are called to transform the world by sharing the Good News, growing in the image of Christ, worshipping joyfully and manifesting God's love toward one another and to the world."

Your pastors and leaders welcome your reflections, experience and wisdom.

Pastor Mark