November 2, 2014

Pastor Letter

Greetings brothers and sisters,

On Vision Sunday, October 19, the Los Altos UMC family gathered to worship as one body, and hear together the church’s vision for our future as disciples of Christ. It was an exciting day of learning and celebrating. Since then, we have lifted up our Children and Youth Ministries (this past Sunday), and this morning, we are lifting up the amazing scope of active ministries throughout our church. It is an exciting time for the church as this entire season, we are working together to discern how we all are called to support God’s ongoing and future work here at Los Altos UMC.

This morning is very special, too. While we mourn and celebrate the saints who have gone before us, we also remember and honor their legacy and passion for God’s work among us. May our prayer and discernment be one that incorporates, values and lifts up our saints’ legacy and passion, and may it also be one that listens to the Holy Spirit’s voice in our children, families, elders, and all generations who are part of (or growing to be a part of) our church family. This is hard work to hear all of these voices, and yet this is our work today — to hear and see God at work in our roots and our new blossoms; to hear God’s call in the lives of our 
saints as well as the laughter of our children. 

In addition to this morning, one opportunity ahead us of us to hear and see the Holy Spirit in our midst will be next Sunday, Nov. 9! On this morning, on the patio near the church office, our youth will be holding a special bake sale to support the capital campaign, and our children will be hosting a “lemon-aid” stand to fight malaria. Plus, our Teacher’s Team is hosting an open house of the renovated (murals! curtains! Groundlings artwork!) Sunday school rooms.

And … our beloved children’s “Spark Bible” will be out for the church family to peruse. You can order a copy for your family to have at home (grandchildren love them, too!).

Join us for a special morning on the patio, Nov. 9, and let’s hear, see and be with the Holy Spirit on the move in our family ministries.

What an exciting time to be a part of the beloved family of the Los Altos United Methodist Church.

Your sister in Christ,
Pastor Melinda