January 12, 2014

Pastoral Letter

Sometimes we so look forward to or engage in plans for the New Year. Yet we do pause to appreciate the year of life we experienced. We have come through a wonderful season of celebration. We have noted the LAUMC families’ generous response to the financial challenge. I would also like to express our common gratitude for all of those who contributed to a wonderful Advent and Christmas season.

We were blessed by a wonderful worshipping environment in the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall with the gifts of a team including Virgie Barnes, Patty Coleman, Florence Ferguson, and Devon Day (who built an Advent Candles stand for the 9:20 service). We were transported through the music of our choirs, choral and bell, with thanks to Yohan Partan, Debbie Shaw, Cindy Anderson, Derek Gordon and our worship band. We were empowered for ministry (Door of Faith, Las Posadas, COA, the Alternative Christmas Market…) with appreciation to Allison Brammer, Merlin Thimlar, Annie Parsons Radcliffe, Lietta and Avalee Wagner, and Paula Blunt.

Our worship life was supported by the extensive team of greeters, ushers, coffee fellowship hosts and teams of folks who cleared and set up the Fellowship Hall for painting and flooring. We appreciate the work of those who printed, folded, stuffed, and labeled our worship guides and December correspondence (5 worship guides in a week).

We would be remiss if we didn’t also recognize the work of our staff and the extra hours of care. Karen kept us on task, getting our publications complete, and Liz , who coordinated our caroling ministry and fostered our children’s participation in the festival of Christ’s nativity. We are grateful for Diane, who coordinated our welcoming and guided our caring presence with members of our community, and Marnos, for coordinating our staff and volunteers. Our celebration was certainly blessed by Melinda’s leadership in worship, church family events and our presence at The Neighborhood “Las Posadas.”

Most likely, you have already noted names missing from this list of appreciation. Let me know whom else we should include and we’ll create an additional list of appreciation.

For everyone who shared the journey and contributed your presence, gifts and service, we say thanks and commend to God this season of celebration that it may inspire us in service on the adventure of faith ahead.

Pastor Mark