September 1, 2013

Pastoral Letter

Implementing the Decisions of the All Church Conference

Part I Facilities

The All Church Conference in June approved the general plan for improving our property presented by the Ad Hoc Facilities Committee, development of the details to implement Phase I of the property improvements and allocated funds for the initial steps. A Building Committee was created to address the Lounge and Preschool yard and west parking lot and the Trustees were assigned the upgrades to the Fellowship Hall.

Building Committee
The Building Committee will develop plans and

assess costs for the expansion of the Lounge (kitchen addition, accessible bathrooms and new nursery) and the relocation of the Preschool playgrounds and eating area to west of the Preschool classrooms. A Charge Conference is required to approve the plans, financing and construction.

Trustees – Fellowship Hall Task Group
The task group will provide Trustees with recommendations for initial upgrades to the floor, walls, ceiling and lighting as well as the audio-video system and the “addition” on the east wall of Fellowship Hall. They will also provide recommendations for the subsequent improvements to the kitchen and remodeling the women’s

bathroom to include the addition of a unisex bathroom.

Building Committee members:
Convener, Debbie Shaw; members: Mario

Martinez, Toni Sehnert, Patty Coleman, Les Campbell, Merlin Thimlar, Roger Klinkers, Renee Nygaard; consultant, Mark Sehnert (Additional members from the preschool are being identified for developing the preschool playground layout.)

Trustee Fellowship Hall Task Group
Jon Shearer, Dave Johnson, Florence Ferguson,

James Casalino; consultants: Ann Ruegg, Paula Blunt, Tim Ruegg, Patty Coleman.
Please pray for the members of these two teams as they work on our behalf to realize the vision entrusted to them.

Pastor Mark