December 8, 2013

Pastoral Letter

“Thank you, Allison, for all the work that you do!” This is a statement that I often hear from church members when they attend the Alternative Christmas Market each November. For many years I have been in charge of organizing this Market at LAUMC. I truly love putting on this event each season and feel blessed that I have a crew of dedicated volunteers who help make it possible. The small and mighty group of individuals from Church and Society Commission spend hours working hard to make sure that the Market runs smoothly.

One of the reasons that I enjoy this event so much is because I can see the results of our efforts right away. In fact, the preliminary total for this year’s Market is over $8,000. This wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our church members. Each year members of our congregation make contributions to causes that they are passionate about. Through these many donations, thousands of dollars are raised for local, regional and global charities.

Our Market offers many different choices to support worthwhile organizations that are making a difference. Does anyone on your gift list really need another necktie or a fruitcake? Actually, does anyone even buy fruitcakes anymore? Through the Alternative Christmas Market, shoppers can purchase a gift of real lasting value. And, giving something from your heart shows the true spirit of Christmas.

This year, the LAUMC youth, with the leadership of Megan Marino, raised over $700 for the Imagine No Malaria project. This gift doubled in value through a match made on December 3, resulting in $1,450 for this cause. Think about how many people will be served! In fact, 145 people will receive mosquito nets through this donation.

Whether it’s Habitat for Humanity, Toberman Neighborhood Center, Hoffman House, our own LAUM Preschool or one of the many other causes that were featured at this year’s Market, our gifts touch people andmake an impact in the community that these organizations serve. This is a great mission that LAUMC does, and I am thankful that I get to be a part of it.

So, thank you for coming to the Market and for supporting the many charities and organizations that were presented at this year’s event. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of the entire church. You make my job easy!

Allison Brammer