November 24, 2013

Pastoral Letter

Greetings one and all,

This Thanksgiving, I would like to share my deep gratitude and thanks for the many servant hearts engaged in God's ministry here at Los Altos UMC. Last Sunday, Pastor Mark offered an important update about a few of our formal church committees and teams hard at work. This Sunday, I would like to share some "not-so-official-but-official" teams also hard at work here. One of the things that folks ask me a lot is, "How can we get more young people to come to our meetings? to be on this committee? to do ______?" Well, there's a long answer and a short answer to this, and feel free to ask me for the long answer sometime. For now, here is the short answer: they ARE at work -- all over the Los Altos UMC community and in our neighborhoods, and I thought that I would share a little about this, too. So, here is a listing of some of those teams and who is serving on them. Let's all together be in prayer for all of our servant hearts here at Los Altos UMC, ask for God's blessings and strength to be upon them, and lift up thanks for God's great grace and energy alive in our communities.

Youth Core Team
Schylar Ferguson, Jordan Thomas, Megan Marino, Emily LaSalle, Mia Tedesco, Susan Sigler, Lily Thomas, Eva Simpao & Ellie Wilson

Parents Support Team
Paula Blunt, Mary Lou Flores, Barbara Kingsley-Wilson, Cyndi Carpenter, Marianne Mantz, Darrell Kumamoto, Marla Simpao, Mary Sigler

Worker Bees (Adult Leaders with Youth)
Tanner Ruegg, Don Moreau, Victoria Russell, Meredith Casalino, Sabrina Moreau

Sunday School Team (Teachers, Aides & Subs)
Vicki Armijo, Deb Berzajs, Sabrina Moreau, Mariah Lefler
Renee Nygaard, Ann Ruegg, Ellen Shearer, Ryan Russell
Tanner Ruegg, Victoria Russell, Erin Stubbs, Elise Noriega
Chelsea Fell, Lily Thomas, Eva Simpao

Everyone's Inn Team
Amanda Breuer, Josh McFarland, Meredith Casalino, Don Moreau, Sabrina Moreau, Mary Sigler, Mary Lou Flores, Mariah Lefler, Julie McFarland

Homework Club Tutoring Team
Pam Kehret, Mary Breuer, Donna Kelly, Shirley Bator, Deb Berzajs, Julie DeLuccio, Tanner Ruegg, Josh McFarland, Amanda Breuer

Wow! Like I said, I offer thanks for all of the servant hearts, and praise God!

Your sister in Christ,
~ Pastor Melinda