November 17, 2013

Pastoral Letter

Our Los Altos Family leaders have been busily at work summer and fall. I want to offer a brief update on several of the projects that are underway at LAUMC.

Building Committee
The Building Committee was created at an All Church Conference to develop specific plans for Phase I of our property improvements. The Committee has interviewed several architects and hopes to confirm their selection in November. After consulting a structural engineer, they have also eliminated the “tunnel” from consideration as not cost effective. A Preschool Playground sub-group is also working on plans for consolidating the playground area.

Trustee – Fellowship Hall Task Group
The Trustees have approved task group proposals for ceiling repair, painting of the walls and tile flooring. This work will be accomplished over the next several weeks. Folding chair storage under the stage has been completed and padded chairs added. Also approved was the hanging of the TV monitors to remove the TV’s and towers from the floor area, allowing easier transitions. The chords for visuals and sound will soon be routed through the ceiling. The kitchen, bump out and bathroom projects have been reassigned to the Building Committee to coordinate through the architect.

Pastor Parish Relations Committee/Personnel Committee
In continuing to explore our most effective staff alignment, these two committees have collaborated in developing a plan for our office staff. The plan calls for transitioning from our present arrangement of a Director of Lay Personnel & Office Coordinator and an Administrative Assistant to a new arrangement with a Church Administrator and a part time Clerical/Word Processor. Efforts are underway to identify potential candidates for these positions.

Good News
I want to express a word of appreciation for two of our many teams at LAUMC. This summer and fall both of our working groups under Good News did an awesome job communicating our new worship schedule (in the church and to our community) and arranging for expanded fellowship time. They continue to enhance our revised website and explore ways to enrich our fellowship opportunities.

I hope you will join me in saying thanks and keeping these people in your prayers.

Pastor Mark