October 6, 2013

Pastoral Letter 

I don’t think I will ever be accused of being a neat freak. I am not compulsive about being tidy. However, I do have tolerance levels that will eventually prompt me into action. Every once in a while I have to clean off my desktop (at least until I see wood peaking through). Most of us endeavor to keep our homes reasonably clean and tidy. However, the prospect of having company over creates a new awareness and raises our expectations. We make ready for special occasions and guests. As a church family, we also try to keep our home clean and tidy on a regular basis. Every Sunday is guest Sunday. This can be a little daunting and can tax our capacity. Over the last two years, pastors and members of our church family have attended workshops with Ken Callahan in San Diego. One of Ken’s repeated invitations is for churches to identify 10 “Big Sundays” a year (including Christmas and Easter) around which to focus our best welcoming efforts. Over the summer, we have identified 10 “Big Sundays:” 

Children’s Sabbath 10/13 
All Saints 11/03 – recognizing care workers 
Christmas Special Music Sunday 12/15 – “Comfort and Joy” 
Sunday before Christmas 12/22 
Epiphany Sunday 1/12 – Freeing the Human Spirit 
Hero Sunday 3/02 – recognizing first responders 
Palm Sunday 4/13 – family activities and Pancake Breakfast 
Easter Sunday 4/20 
Festival of the Christian Home 5/11 
Change the World (Big) Sunday 5/18 

Children’s Sabbath is our first “Big Sunday” effort. We are recognizing and thanking those who care for, protect and advocate for children in our community. You can participate by sharing a “Thank You” card with someone you believe makes a difference for children. Each Big Sunday is an opportunity for us to make a special effort to extend hospitality to friends and neighbors. And just as cleaning off my desktop inspires me to put away extra papers, it makes us more aware of everyday opportunities to welcome guests in our home. 

Pastor Mark