October 20, 2013

Pastoral Letter

When my little sister and I used to go to my grandmother’s house (fun for us, a break for our parents), we would often “play church.” My grandmother and a neighbor would be the congregation; I would be the preacher (who knew!) and my sister would be the usher. The service had four basic components: we would sing, I would read a scripture; I would ask questions (sermon) and my sister would take the offering.

The Offering reflects both the most mundane and yet the most profound of spiritual practices. As a moment in the service to collect money, the offering is a practical necessity. As a community:

  • we pay bills for electricity and gas, insurance and repairs (like home owners)
  • we fund ministry resources, training and staff
  • we participate in mission with our extended Methodist family
  • we support mission in our community

As a response of gratitude for all that God has entrusted to us, The Offering places us at the very heart of grace. In thankful response for my life, the gifts with which I have been blessed, the family for whom I care, I am invited to participate in God’s amazing work of loving all creation into wholeness. Our Offering is a deep spiritual calling.

This year’s Stewardship Campaign is an invitation to the spiritual work of preparing Your Offering. It is a season of prayerful reflection, conversation as a family, and ordering your response around God’s invitation. May you discover the bounty of holy blessings as you uncover all that you have to offer.

Pastor Mark