“Get On The Bus” 2019 - Uniting Children with Their Mothers and Fathers in Prison

This year’s “Get On The Bus” program starts in January-April with volunteer training, visits to the participating families and collecting items for the bus trip. Our fundraising goal this year is steep—almost $8,000. We are sponsoring two buses: one to a women’s prison (Chowchilla) on May 10 and one to a men’s prison (San Quentin) on May 31. Cost to sponsor one participant for these bus trips is around $134. Please give what you can. “Get On The Bus” is a program of the nonprofit Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) in Montebello. Note: There will also be a restaurant fundraiser at Super Mex (Spring & Palo Verde) on April 24. A flier will be available in a few weeks.