Building Committee Vote Update

On Saturday, July 15, the Church Conference approved Building Option C as presented by the Building Committee. Option C includes a Lift, refurbishment of the Fellowship Hall Kitchen (adding a secure storage closet/performing space), converting the old Brides’ Room into a family bathroom, repurposing the Library to become a Nursery with a family bathroom, and adding a new wing to the Lounge. The Lounge assembly space will be enlarged and the new wing will include of a full feature kitchen, male and female bathrooms, conference room/library and two storage rooms. The Church Conference also approved obtaining a loan from the District to be paid back with a capital fundraiser to pay it down, with the balance paid by a long term mortgage. An outline of the Lounge addition has been painted for viewing in the space behind the Lounge to provide a conceptualization for the new layout. The Building Committee is looking forward to entering the next phase of this project. They are actively revising the current loan approval with the District as well as instructing the Construction Manager (CBRE) to proceed with contractor selection.  The committee is appreciative for your ongoing support.